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Amparanoia (Spain)


Upcoming album: ‘El coro de mi gente’ (Warner/Galileo, January 19th 2018)

Amparanoia was founded in Spain in the mid 90s. The artist collective laid the foundation of the prospering mestizo movement with their album „El Poder del Machin“. Their numerous successful albums such as „Enchilado“ show the band’s different influences, from flamenco and rock to electronic and jazz to Latin-American rumba and funk. They performed at big international festivals like Glastonbury, Roskilde, Womex, Rock Festival Buenos Aires, Montreal Jazz, Lugano Jazz, Montreux Jazz, Gurten und Horizonte among others. After over 700 concerts and a fairwell tour the group went their separate ways in 2008. Following the band’s hiatus, Amparo recorded serveral solo albums and toured through Europe on her own.

To celebrate Amparanoia’s 20-year anniversary in style, the musicians got together again in 2017 and are now publishing their special album „El coro de mi gente“. They asked friends like Joan Garriga, Manu Chao, DePedro, Chambao, Sergent Garcia, Marinah and Calexico to record new versions of some of their hits songs with them as guest musicians. Amparo also delivered the new title track of the album with Macaco, speading a message of peace and togetherness with regard to the current political situation and independence discussions in Spain. Amparo’s distinctive voice runs like a common thread through the new interpretations and ensures that you can clearly identify the album as a work of Amparanoia despite the many diverse influences.

Press commentaries

‘ […] a Spanish-Cuban band who set out to mix Latin styles with anything from reggae to hip-hop, and they are more interested in capturing the live energy and enthusiasm of their music than in subtle studio technique. Their variety is impressive, with anything from boleros to a furious, brassy clash of reggae and Mexico, with lyrics in Spanish, French and English.’ – The Guardian

Line up
Carmen Niño (Cuba): bass
Daniel Tejedor (Spain): drums
El Chivo (Venezuela): percussions
Willy Fuego (Spain): guitars
Jose Alberto Varona (Cuba): trumpet
Lazaro Ordoñez (Cuba): trombone
Vesco Kountchev (Bulgaria): violin
Jordi Mestres (Spain): guitar


Germany / Austria / Switzerland / Scandinavia / Netherlands


Festivals 2018, Nov. 27th - Dec. 9th 2018

24.01.2018 Köln (D) Stadtgarten Ticket
25.01.2018 Berlin (D) Lido Ticket
26.01.2018 Reutlingen (D) franz.K Ticket
27.01.2018 Helsinki (FI) Savoy Theatre
29.01.2018 Zürich (CH) Moods Ticket
30.01.2018 Innsbruck (A) Treibhaus Ticket
31.01.2018 Bern (CH) bee-flat

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