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Latest album: ‘Subway Gawdz’ (2016)

Many New Yorkers discovered the Brasshouse sensation TOO MANY ZOOZ at the Union Square subway station, where the trio started busking in 2014. After a video of their performance went viral on Reddit and Youtube, the band’s digital downloads and CD sales skyrocketed. But TOO MANY ZOOZ have not only taken fans’ hearts but also those of superstars like Questlove and Beyoncé by storm. New Yorks hottest export hit is currently touring the international stages and festivals with their latest album ‘Subway Gawdz’ (2016).

After recording a few melodies for Beyoncé‘s Grammy-winning album ‘Lemonade’, TOO MANY ZOOZ created an international stir when they collaborated with the famous singer at the 2016 Country Music Awards. While saxophone player Leo Pellegrino played a celebrated solo and thrilled the audience with his dance moves, Matt Doe on the trumpet and King of Sludge on the drums formed the backline that perfectly accentuated the blaring horns.

TOO MANY ZOOZ’s music, dubbed ‘Brasshouse’ by drummer King of Sludge, is an irresistible mixture of many different genres. As heard on their EPs F NOTE, Fanimals, Brasshouse Volume 1: Survival of the Flyest, the Internet and the LP Subway Gawdz, the group merges jazz, funk, brass, dub and techno into an energetic instrumental sound.

‘We pride ourselves that nearly every person of every color, creed and background and upbringing can find something in our music to relate to. Someone from Cuba can say ‘I hear Cuban music in the cowbells.’ Someone into death metal will enjoy it next to a grandmother who hears it as old swing music. Others hear Klezmer. Whatever people want to hear in our music they can seemingly find it.’ - Matt Doe

The band was formed when King of Sludge and Pellegrino played together in an earlier subway busking band, the Drumadics. Fellow Manhattan School of Music classmate Doe played in various ensembles with Pellegrino, the threesome eventually busking together by chance and their chemistry sparking an instant bond.

After their tour 2017 TOO MANY ZOOZ will return to their roots with a rawer sound on their new EP. Even if the three guys regularly rock the stages around the world with their spectacular sound, from time to time you can still find them in the world’s largest night club: The New York City subway system.

Press commentaries

THIS is how The Roots got their start.’ – Questlove (The Roots)

‘The hottest thing in NYC music’ – New York Post

‘The rapturous sound heard during the performance can be attributed to TOO MANY ZOOZ, the performance’s electrifying and vivacious backing band.’ – about the CMAs performance


Matt Doe – trumpet
Leo P – baritone saxophone
King of Sludge – drums/percussion


Germany, Austria, East Europe


Festivals, July 20th - 29th, August 9th - 26th, October 19th - November 11th

04.08.2017 Isny (D) Theaterfestival Ticket
05.08.2017 Eching (D) Brasswiesn Ticket
06.08.2017 Aachen (D) Across the Borders
07.08.2017 Köln (D) Club Bahnhof Ehrenfeld Ticket
08.08.2017 Berlin (D) Frannz Club Ticket
09.08.2017 Kassel (D) A.R.M. Club Hoffest
16.03.2018 Hamburg (D) Mojo Ticket
25.07.2018 San Sebastian (ES) Jazzaldia

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