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Kolektif Istanbul

Kolektif Istanbul

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Kolektif Istanbul (Türkei)

Kolektif Istanbul

The band combines traditional Anatolian melodies and Turkish folk with modern beats and elements of Funk, World and Jazz. They create an impelling sound, which is as much of a melting pot as their hometown Istanbul. The group performed live at several renowned festivals such as Montreux Jazz Festival, Flow Helsinki and the Worldmusic Festival in Pompeii, as well as in numerous international clubs like Budapest’s A38 and Moods in Zurich.

Ten years ago Kolektif Istanbul was founded by wedding musicians and artists with improvisation backgrounds. The group released their debut album ‘Balkanatolia’ in 2006. During their live performances they have let their crowd’s energy inspire them to do some fantastic improvisations on stage ever since. A typical Kolektif Istanbul concert spans Turkish belly dances and highly danceable folkloric songs to Western alternative rock.

The ensemble gains in intensity with Asli Dogan, the angelic voice of this project carrying the special expressiveness and sensitivity of the songs.The energy dosage of the rest of the gang causes a creative mayhem which never lets the audience forget that each of the members is a brilliant instrumentalist with an enormous range – from wild free jazz to strict liturgical choral traditions. Gayda (bagpipes), clarinet, saxophone, accordion, tuba, percussions, and drums dominate on different hierarchical levels.

With their upcoming fourth studio album ‘Pastırma Yazı’ (Laika Records, March 2017) Kolektif Istanbul will sway listeners away to faraway lands and rock the European stages in April 2017.

New Album: ‘Pastima Yazi’ (Laika, 07.04.2017)

Aslı Doğan – voc
Richard Laniepce – sax, bagpipe, kaval
Talat Karaoğlu – clarinet
Tamer Karaoğlu – accordion
Ertan Şahin – tuba
Ediz Hafızoğlu – drums, percussion

‘This ‘just go with it’ mentality has yielded interesting musical hybrids over Kolektif Istanbul’s ten-year existence. Funky tuba bass lines run through Turkish folk songs; jazzy, syncopated drum beats undergird traditional Bulgarian wedding tunes; slow, lyrically driven French chansons are rewritten in an upbeat 9/8 time signature. If you thought you couldn’t dance to Joe Dassin’s L’Été Indien (Indian Summer), think again.’ – Reorient Magazine


Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Festivals 2018, October 15th - 30th

25.04.2017 Frankfurt (D) Das Bett Ticket
26.04.2017 Köln (D) Stadtgarten Ticket
27.04.2017 Berlin (D) Quasimodo Ticket
28.04.2017 Stuttgart (D) Laboratorium Ticket
29.04.2017 München (D) Unterfahrt Ticket
01.09.2017 Aarhus (DK) Det Turkise Telt
17.01.2018 Konstanz (D) Kulturladen Ticket
18.01.2018 Innsbruck (A) Treibhaus Ticket
19.01.2018 Zürich (CH) Moods Ticket
20.01.2018 Tübingen (D) Sudhaus
21.01.2018 München (D) Import Export Ticket
23.01.2018 Wiesbaden (D) Schlachthof Ticket

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